Today I found a massy thing on one page of the application that I am working on. The problem is it display all the data that I have in one page. How am I going to change this for user easily use it.

So I found out about pagination in rails. but all the books that I have using rails before 2.0 version. So it won’t work with 2.0.2 version anymore. Because the pagination in rails has moved to be a plug-in now.

This plug-in called “will_paginate” if you don’t have it install in your machine please do this

open the ruby console and type this command

ruby script/plugin install svn://

After you have this plug-in installed in your machine. So you are ready to go….

Let start with our Model

def self.display_location_data(page)

paginate(:page => page, :per_page => 2)


So in my model I have a method called “display_location_data” or you can change the name to your location (the one that got strickthrough on it)

example my model is user => it’s going to be display_user_data

we receive 1 parameter called “page” to select what page are we look on now.

we have a paginate method that will “display the page that user selected and how many data will be displayed”

Next we move on to our Controller

def display_user

@display_data = Locationdata.display_location_data (params[:page])


In our controller we just create one method called “display_user” and when ever we want to display our data. we just need to call this method from the action that we want to display the data.

as I said you need to change “Locationdata” (one with strikethrough) to be your model name.

for example my model is “User”. so it would be like this

@display_data = User.display_user_data (params[:page])

And the last part is View

<%= will_paginate @display_data %>

we just need to add this tag in our view page. that’s it for Easy pagination.

NOTE ok one more thing you can use that variable in this example is “@display_data” to render data. because that variable already contain the data that’s going to view on that page already.


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