Today I realize that I have start working on the next week but I still don’t know how to tie a tie. Well I needed to wear neck tie when I was the freshmen year in the university. At that time I didn’t know how to do it also. My dad used to teach me but I didn’t pay attention to much. So he just tied it for me and I never untied it. but now I have to do it for myself.

First I have heard that there are a lot of style to do tie a tie. So I search in the wiki how many types of tie do they have?

There are four main knots used to knot neckties. The simplest, the four-in-hand knot, may be the most common. The others (in order of difficulty) are:

  • the Pratt knot (the Shelby knot)
  • the half-Windsor knot
  • the Windsor knot (also erroneously called the “double-Windsor”). The Windsor knot is the thickest knot of the four, since its tying has the most steps.

The Windsor knot is named after the Duke of Windsor, although he neither invented nor used it. The Duke did favour a voluminous knot; however, he achieved such by having neckties specially made of thicker cloths.

In the late 1990s, two researchers, Thomas Fink and Yong Mao of Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory, used mathematical modeling to discover that eighty-five (85) knots are possible with a conventional tie. (They limited the number of “moves” used to tie the knot to nine; longer sequences of moves result in too large a knot or leave the hanging ends of the tie too short.)

I decided to learning the Windsor know because I think this one the most beautiful one. I started learning from this video => Tie the ‘Windsor’ knot and it works pretty good on me.


figure 1. after I learned how to tie a tie with Windsor knot.

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